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Thorpe Mandeville
Ashby St Ledgers  - St Leodegarius

Brian (1634) & Anne Ianson with children below: John (1657), Brian (1666), Richard, Clement, James, Anne, Elizabeth, Hannah, Margaret & Elizabeth. Alabaster John Ianson (1657), son of Brian. Wife 1 - Sally; children Bryan (1681) & Ann (1658). Wife 2 - Thomasine; children John (1657), James & Mary
Moses Ashley (1740) by Nathaniel Hedges John Bentley (1761) & Jane (1784) Ashley
by John Bacon (1784)
Here lieth the bodie of Brian Ianson Esquier somtime citizen and draper of London and fined for Alderman and Sherriff of ye countie of Buckingham and was the first purchaser of the manor of Ashby Ledgers with the parsonage and vousan of vicaridge whos soule resteth in heaven and departed this miserable world the __ daye __ of ___

Aston-le-Walls  -  St Leonard

Above left two images:  Priest - early 14th C
Above right two images: Elizabeth Orme (1692). 'Let no man rase this remembrance nor disturb the innocent dust of Mrs Elizabeth wife of Thomas Orne of Handst.... She at seven could read distinctly to the sense and at thirteen had finished works like a curious needlewoman'

Blakesley - St Mary

'An epitaphe upon the death of that worthie gentleman Mr W Wattes of Blaxlye who dyed the Anno Domine 1642 16 of Jun
It is no marble monument must grace his worthie corps who lyes within this place the many graces which did him adorne in youth in yeares these weaker helps doe scorn
Upright he was and zealous in his life, kinde to his children, loving to his wife''
William Watts (16420 & Mary with their two sons Edward and Montague. They also had a daughter Mary.

Brixworth - All Saints

Sir John de Verdun (1295) ? Barack rag. Traces of colour: blue armour, red surcoat

Edgcote - St James

Toby Chaucery (1608) with Bridget Shelly (1579) & Elizabeth Risley (1619). Alabaster effigies on tomb chest, the north side of which has nine children in relief.
William Chaucery (1585) & Joan Bustard. Alabaster effigies on tomb chest. The above are two monuments are to father and son. Sir Richard Chaucery by Rysbrack
Eydon - St Nicholas
Lady c 1340 (in the vestry) John Theodore Mitchison Lewis 2nd officer HM Tansport, gunner & signaller M.G.M b. 1896 kia Ypres 1917 ; William Ewart Martin Lewis gunner & signaller R.H.A. b 1898 kia St Quentin 1918. Sons of Rev Willaim and Mary Lewis
Green's Norton - St Bartholomew

Sir Thomas Greene (1457) & Philippa. Alabaster. The effgies were removed from the church in 1826 but rescued from the back of the chantry house in 1891. They were the four time great grandparents of Catherine Parr.

Sir Thomas Greene (1462) & Matilda (1496) Twice great grandparents of Catherine Parr. The brasses on the tomb chest lid are of good quality.  

'Heere lyes the bodyes of William Hicklinge Esq and Frances his onely wife, daughter of John Goodwin of Winchinton in ye county of Buckingham Esq. ..sonne & heyre of John Hickinge...Esq which William departed this life August the 5th 1606 and Frances dyed August ye 25 1603 leaving issue behind them one onely daughrer and heyre Christian married to Thomas Elmes sonne of Edmunde Elmes of Lilford...Northampton Esq by whom she had issue seaven sonnes & five daughters'
William Hicklinge (1606)  & Frances (1603)

Litchborough - St Martin

Left, above left and below: Sir John Nedham (Needham) (1618) - 'gentleman pensioner unto the late Queene Elizabeth of happie memorie and afterward unto our late soveraign lord King James and was by them both well esteemed and likewise by other persons of the best ranke and qualitie' The tablet above belongs to the monument.  Alabaster. The monument was erected by his wife Elizabeth after she had married Sir Edward Tyrrell on Thornton. Above right: Edward Grant (1812) & Jane (1811). Both aged 31. Signed C. Prosperi. Right: Frances Simpson Grant (1907) The last of the family to be interred in the vault below

Nether Heyford - St Peter & St Paul
Francis Morgan (1556) with sons Thomas (1603) & Anthony (1610/11); and Ann (1556)with daughters Frances, Elizabeth & ? The figure of Faith once stood behind the male figures. He was recorder of Northants in 1553, Serjeant-at-Law in 1554 and judge just before his death

Norton - All Saints

Elizabeth Verney (1633)
The inscription and arms are shown below
Mrs Botfield (1825) The figure is that of her son. By William Behnes Nicholas Breton (1658) & Wife. Marble
The inscription is shown below

Lady Elizabeth Knightley (née Seymour) 1602
Here lieth ye bodie of Ye Right Honorable Ye Ladie Elizabeth Seymour ye 4 daughter to ye high and mightie Prince Edward Duke of Somerset Protector of England and Uncle to King Edward ye 6 who was also ye second wife of Sr. Richard Knightly of Norton Kn. by whom he had issue 7 sons & 2 daughters viz. Seymour, Ferdinando, Dudley, John, Nathaniel, Robert & Francis. Ann deceased and Ann Knightly younger married to Sr. Evseby Andrew of Winick Knight. Wch. Ladie Elizabeth died ye 3 of June An: Dni: 1602.
By true descent, of famous princes line this ladie here entoombed is derived whose praises while ye sun & moone, do shine by tracte of time, shall never be contrivd. Her heart was humble yet her place was high quite voide of pride & all disdainfull hate. She never did the poore her helpe denie Thus now translated to a better state. She leaves alive: a well reported fame: a blessed soul: a memorable name.
Lo here she lies, whose life was never staind with any crime, of unrespected care whose noble hart, truth, love & faith unfain did ever rule, with other vertues rate. The rich, ye poore, ye sicke, ye lame, ye blinde did knowe ye cures & vertue of her hand. Her servants did her honorable mind by woorde, and deede, & favour understand so for reward time hath commaunded fame above all praise to eternize her name.

Stanford-on-Avon - St Nicholas
Next to Stanford Hall (actually in Leicestershire!). Open daily. Park in lane immediately by the church. Bats!

Sir Thomas & Elizabeth Cave (1558)
Sir Thomas & Elizabeth Cave (1558)  Alabaster.

Their children kneel at the foot of the tomb: John, Richard (1527-1566), Ambrose (died young), Roger (1536-1586), Edward, Anthony, Amy, Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth (b. 1532), Margery, Barbara (d. young), Alice & Susan.

Henry Knollys (1582) & Margaret (Cave) (1606)
 Henry Knollys (1582) & Margaret (Cave) (1606) Two daughters kneel on either side of their parents. Henry Knollys was MP for Shoreham (Sussex), then for Reading (Berkshire) and then for Oxfordshire. He became Esquire of the Body to Queen Elizabeth I but then became a privateer, in allaince with the pirate John Callis, in the Spanish Carribean. Following a complaint from Sir Humphrey Gilbert, with whom he had originally allied to set up a colony in North America, to the Queen's Spymaster-General Francis Walsingham, he was summonds home. He later joined his cousin John Norreys to Fight for Dutch independence  from Spain in the Netherlands, but died there aged forty from either wounds or illness 

 Sir Thomas Cave (1613) & Eleanor St John (after 1608) Their children kneel below and at the front: five sons (Richard, Thomas, Oliver, John  and one unnamed) and three daughters (Eleanor, Margaret & Alice) Alabaster
 Sir Thomas Cave (1613) & Eleanor St John (after 1608)

Alan de Aslaghby Priest  Hon Edmund Verney Wyatt Edgell (1879)
Of the 17th Lancers who was killed at the battle of Ulundi in 1879. By Felix Joubert 1896.
James (1734) & Mary (1769) Calcutt.
For more than forty years he was steward to Sir Roger Cave, Sir Thomas Cave, Sir Verney Cave and Sir Thomas Cave.


Above and right top: Third Baroness Bray (1862) daughter of Sir Thomas Cave. Probably by Mary Thornycroft. The three angels are by Gibson.

Right bottom:
Dorothy StJohn (1630)


Left, above, right and below left:  Hon Robert Otway Cave (1844) & Sophia (1849) By Westmacott Jun He was MP for Leicester and later Tipperary but died at 48.

Below right:
Richard Cave (1609) He was the eldest son of the above Sir Thomas and Dame Eleanorand died at Padua, Italy aged 19. The monument is placed next to that of his parents, the effigy being like that of a kneeling child. There is an obelisk above the canopy.

 Major Thomas Otway Cave (1830). Said to be by Kessells, a Dutch  pupil of Thornwaldsen.

Thorpe Mandeville - St John the Baptist
Here lie the bodies of Thomas Kirten esquier common serjaunt of the Citie of London and Mary his wife who beinge married togeather 38 yers and haveing had issue betweene them 12 children - 6 sonnes & 6 duaghters, Mary died the 22 of Februarie in the yere of our Lorde God 1597 beinge 60 yer. Thomas Kertin Esq was buried XXI April 1601.
Thomas Kirten (1601) and 6 sons (William, Edward & Stephen); the other 3 are in the cradles. Mary (1597)and  their 6 daughters; one is in the cradle.
With thanks to those who provided photographs and information for this page: Jean McCreaner (most), Amanda Miller (Stanford-on-Avon) and Kim Russell, Chairman of Norton Parish Council (Norton)
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